Technical / Software Translation Services

Technology companies and software developers can increase their target market size significantly by offering products that “speak the language” of their customers. AlfaBeta is your ideal partner for translation and localization of software and technology. We have helped companies in a variety of industries with:

  • Product packaging
  • Promotional copy including marketing materials and website text
  • User instructions
  • User interface translation
  • Software usage / training materials
  • Translation of iPhone / Android apps

Translating text for technology and software products can be particularly challenging because the target audience often has specific subject matter expertise. For example, your software product may be used by accountants, or other software developers. These professionals tend to “speak a language of their own.” Similarly, users of computer games may use slang or idioms.

AlfaBeta is different than many other translation agencies because we utilize professional translators that have native language fluency as well as subject matter expertise. In this way, we can help you localize your offering not only for a foreign language, but also for a specific profession if required. Why entrust your product or solution to anything less?

To discuss your particular situation, please contact us using the form below, Skype: Alfabetasnc1997 or phone +39-0322-846442.

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